Ordering products

This page describes how to order products. Accounting wise, there are some best practices so lessen the work of the treasurer.

In our finance system, the following categories exist:

  • 1343 Cleaning
  • 1351 Milk
  • 1352 Tea
  • 1353 Other products Chai, Kakao, Kaffefiltre
  • 1354 Cups
  • 1355 Accesories

As such, it is best practice to have separate invoices for separate categories

AB Catering

When ordering from AB Catering, there is a daily minimum of 1500 DKK. This can be spread out on multiple orders. Use this knowledge to split out different items. 

Example: Buying milk and cocoa for delivery on the same day. Finish first the order with milk, and then create a new order for cocoa. 


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