Products and Suppliers

Where do we buy our products?

Supplier Products Payment Notes
Copenhagen Coffee Lab
Order by email
  • Espresso Beans (Guatemala)
  • Filter Coffee Beans (Brasilien)
  • Cups and lids
    • 12oz (filter coffee/latte)
    • 8oz (Cappucino/Americano)
    • 6oz (Cortado, espresso shot)
  • Chai Tea
    • Tiger Spice flavour
  • Sirups
    • Vanilla
    • Caramel
    • Almond
  • Wooden sticks
  • Small Coffee Bags
  • Coffee Filters (Skålfiltre)


  • Water Filters

Cleaning products

  • Grindz
  • Liquid Quartz
  • Rinza


Remember to coordinate cup purchases with the Sponsor Crew

AB Catering

Order through online portal. Login available on Podio

  • Milk
  • Dryk Oat milk, Barista edition
  • Cocoa
  • Sugar (for cocoa)

  • Plastic cups for ice coffee
  • Plastic lids and straws

  • Various cleaning equipment

They also have a large catalogue of other products available.


Minimum order 1.500 DKK


Regarding milk:

Prefer Thise > Naturmælk > Arla


Order in webshop. Login available on Podio

  • Loose tea leafs

Paper and Tea (P&T)

Order from

  • boxes with Tea in bags
  Ask for their hospitality catalog and their suggestions - it seems like cafe analog gets a substantial discount
  • Paper Clip Cards for Black Coffee and Espresso based coffee
  Template on Google Drive
Managed by Sponsor Crew
  • Cups
    • Large
    • Small


Order from Allan (He replies within a couple of hours on emails)


Phone: +45 53797171

  • Oat milk, barista edition


Remember to get our discount


They deliver twice a week (up to 3 days delay)


Order this from AB Catering instead

  • Dishwasher tabs Finish Neophos ALL IN 1 Deep Clean powerball
  • Dishwasher salt Finish Salt 
  • Dishwasher afspændingsmiddel Neophos Afspændingsmiddel
  • Dishwasher cleaning Neophos Finish rens til Opvaskemaskine