Baristas restock the kitchen from the storage. Thus, a storage manager does not necessarily need to check the storage on a daily basis but can do it on a weekly basis.

As a rule of thumb, there should always be enough goods in storage for one week's consumption

At least once a week the storage and kitchen must be checked and see if goods needs to be ordered. Depending on how much is ordered every time, it is normal to make an order of coffee beans at Copenhagen Coffee Lab every once/second week. It is normal to have milk delivered 2-3 times per week.

Ordering products

As a Storage Manager, you need no approval when ordering products within Analog’s usual product catalogue. You just make the order at our supplier. There is also a large freedom to try out new products in coordination with the Board (preferably the Operations Manager).

Copenhagen Coffee Lab

Copenhagen Coffee Lab (CCL) is our closest supplier. Orders are given by email through bestilling@cphcoffeelab.com, and they usually deliver within a day or two. 

CCL also provide most of our equipment, and we maintain close relations with them. They are really flexible in terms of delivering (even within hours if in a pickle), fixing equipment, or generally helping with questions.

See the list of products ordered from CCL in the products and suppliers section.

AB Catering

AB Catering is another supplier with which we keep a close relation. Orders are placed through their webshop, and are delivered at the earliest the next day. It is possible to order into the future, making it possible to schedule weekly milk deliveries. They have a wide catalogue of products, and Analog has special prices on the products we buy a lot of.

Our contact at AB Catering, Tom, can be reached through email at trn@ab-kbh.dk. Reach out to him if mistakes happen or if we want a new agreement on a product.

Coordinate with the Sponsor Crew

Analog has an active sponsor crew who negotiates sponsorships on our small and large cups from different companies. They manage to get sponsorships in almost every opening week. Coordinate with their cup calendar to see any gaps.

If we have no branded cups, or there are gaps in the calendar, we order CCL branded cups from CCL. If the gap is large, we give CCL a heads up that we will order many cups. We have tried running them dry before.

Receiving goods

Food Administration policies requires Analog to check and document all food items we are receiving. It is Analog's responsibility to make sure they have had no damages during transport and are safe to consume for customers.

When receiving an order, it must verified that all products are included and date sensitive products have a reasonable expiration date. You must check for

  • The packing is intact and undamaged
  • The expiry date is OK

Submit a Received Goods report

After checking the expiration date and condition of the ordered products, a Received Goods (Storage Manager) report must be filled out. Remember to use form specifically for the storage manager. A short description of the and a delivery note or invoice is attached to the form.

Share the invoice with the treasurer

Most orders from suppliers are paid automatically. If not, pay it with your Pleo card, or if it is an invoice, forward it to the treasurer through cafe.analog.1@bills.corpayone.com.