Barista's Handbook

Information about volunteering in Analog, perks, rules and policies.

Introduction to the handbook

Dear penguin, Welcome to the Analog family! We are absolutely thrilled that you want to voluntee...

For Penguins

Information for new penguins in Analog

Foundation & Bylaws

What is Analog?

Life as a Barista

Everything you need to know about your daily life as a Barista


All about how to brew coffee and daily tasks

The Board and other roles

Taking a shift is not the only way to contribute to Analog. Occupying one of the listed roles bel...

Where to get help?

We are always happy to help with any questions, concerns or suggestions! Here are the way you can...

Contribute to Analog

Buy cool new items, organize an event, make a theme shift. Find information on how you can contri...

Expectations, policies and rules

Throughout the years, several policies and rules have been developed by the Board to ensure that ...