Welcome to the Analog Finance world!

You are probably a new Treasurer or an Auditor here in Analog. This document will give you an overview of what is going on in Analogs Finances.

We will try to keep this document short and without the specific details, as we do not intend for this document to be updated when new workflows are adopted. Information usually becomes obsolete quite quickly and so we really do not want a huge document that will eventually become out dated. 

For details about the current workflow and systems we have other documents/hand books. We hope these will be the updated short version of everything you need to keep in mind from day to day. 

The WORKFLOW is what we do day to day. (What we do)

The POLICIES are rules and agreements we have right now. (What happens regardless)

The PRINCIPLES are guidelines and values we use to make decisions. (what we aim for)

We hope that you will learn a few things from this document. 

Best of luck,
The Finance guy from 2021!

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