We choose to have a kontoplan that is more specific than what is required. Say we could bookkeep every expense as a generic expense, we choose to have multiple smaller expense codes for things like coffee, milk, repairs and so on.

We think that this enables better transparency. When we get reports from E-conomic, then we get a better view of our finances. You can always argue that two expense codes could be combined or made into multiple new ones. We choose to combine or split expense codes if we find that it gives a better insight into our finances. The downside to this is that it makes it a bit harder to do the bookkeeping. But it is well worth it we think. 

You can always add new expense codes. But you may never remove them! As this will fuck up the old accounting. If you are unhappy about this then yell at us or E-conomic. Or the danish law. Either way there is not much we can do about it.