Legacy of Analog's finances (financial values)

Ensure the longevity of Analog

Taking care of Analog and Analog's finances means leaving it better than we found it. Avoid ticking time bombs - if something isn't right, try your best to fix it.

If there is a problem and someone has a proposal for a solution, one should consider the added value by going through with the measure and discuss how the proposal aligns with the general Analog values as well as the financial values. This should happen at a board meeting (at the very least). 

For example in 2020, we decided to re-organise our finances by going back 3 years and redoing the finances. Although the process was costly (about 50.000 dkk), the board deemed it fitting as it would be an investment in the correctness, transparency and trustworthiness of Analog's accounting. The values of this proposal were as follows:

  • Transparency and trustworthiness in accounting practices
  • Properness: follow best practice, comply with legal requirements
  • Accounting as an Analog internal practice: The board of Analog should have knowledge of Analog's finances and be able to see through the accounting structures with some introduction.

Trust the individual barista

The individual barista should have the possibility to spend xxx amount of dkk without having to ask for permission. The barista is responsible for only spending money on items/services contributing to Analog; the café, your shift, the customers, the baristas or the overall Analog spirit.

Freedom under responsibility as the main guideline.

Expenses benefitting Analog are okay

Expenses larger than the amount stated above, should be approved by a board member. As long as the expense contributes to Analog and seems rather sensible, the board member is allowed to approve it. If the board member deems the decision larger than themselves, they may then bring the decision to a board meeting or go to the Chair Person or Vice Chair.