Closing a financial year

A step by step guide to closeing a financial year in Analog


At the end of the year there are several steps to do before closing is possible. Below are some pointers to keep in mind: 

- Check “lager beholdning”, insert the value of clips that have been bought, but not yet used. This should be inserted in the konto: (hensat til ubrugte klip)
- If the numbers do not match, check previous months. Check if there are things that are not bookkept. 
- When things are registered in 2020, but paid in 2021, these should change as we use “kontakt princippet”. 
- If we have outstanding money, then money should be bookkept as “andre tilgodehavende”, and deducted when it receives our account
- Do as economic recommends at last when closing the year - do not “clear all”.