Slow is the name of the game

Finances are not about paying people fast, and giving quick estimates. To be a truly good treasurer, you must have the spirit of a turtle. We move slow, but we do it right. 

That means that paying someone late, because a receipt is missing, is a good strategy. It means that spending time making a better workflow is better than working fast with a bad workflow. It means that you may tell someone to do something differently because the practice is bad and it burdens you with extra work. 

While day to day, you will find that you deviate from being the "turtle" - always remember that you can always say no and hide in your shell. To protect yourself and Analog. It is my way or you can be the treasurer!

For example: You may end up paying back people quickly to please them. But remember to take care of yourself and your mental health - nothing is as urgent that it can't be done tomorrow, next week or a month from now. If the whole house come burning down, contact the rest of the board, and we will do our best to assist.