2020 Spring

Semester Goals:

  • Move to Izettle terminals 
  • Get rid of Mobile Pay in Cafe
  • Find accounting software
  • Redo Finances from 2017 to 2020


The semester went by quite fast. First of all Analog moved to Izettle instead of nets terminals and mobilepay. This resulted in more transparcy in the accounting where individual items could be linked to a transaction either through izettle or the APP. Mobilepay had the problem where people would pay for coffee, but without talking to a Barista ( Self Service ).

We also started the process of cleaning up the finances from 2017 through 2020. This was because the accounting was done in Podio. This had the problem that they did not match the real world 1:1. To help us with this we reached out to Harboe Consult. They could help us by redoing the finances from 2017 to 2019. They could also help us pick a new accounting software. It was their adwise that we picked Economic.

We ended the smester with a half finished report. Finding new software and redoing all the finance flows meant that there were alot more work than normal. Though at this time the finance year was calender year, so it was not a big problem that we were not done. 

We also learned about the oputunity to get a VAT Exception. 

The goals for the next semester would be to finish the accounting. And apply for a VAT Exception.