In Analog we use Pleo for our cards. This system integrateds the accounting with the spending. Whenever a person spends money on a card, they also have to open the Pleo app and document it.

Pleo is setup, so it allways have X kr in the Pleo Wallet. This will automaticly be filled with money from the Bank Account Drift. This agreement can be found here: Insert link to drive 


Right now the following people have a card:

Cafe Analog:

Anders Stendevad:



Emil Anker Joensen:

Services payed by Analog card

    Service Name Payed each  Price Updated
    Zapier Yearly  220 $  21/05/21
    Simply Yearly Jan/May  ? 21/05/21
    Spotify Monthly  99 kr. 21/05/21
    Apple Yearly 900-1000 kr Not yet
    Cognito Froms Yearly  166.65 $ 21/05/21


    ? 21/05/21
    Corpay One Monthly 436,25 kr. 21/05/21
    Standart Yearly Dec ? 21/05/21
    Digitalocean ? ? 8/12/21