Kitchen & Operations Handbook

Here you find working procedures, how to open and close Analog, use the machines etc

Tips and suggestions for organizing your shift

It is up to youAll of this is up to you and your shift-mates. We hope you will talk with each oth...

Food Safety and Administration

The rules Analog has to adhere to continue operating

Shift tasks

Instructions for all shifts; opening, middle and closing shifts.


How to make coffee. Operation and usage for all the machines in the kitchen

Cleaning Guidelines

Guides for how to perform the various cleaning tasks

Analog outside opening hours and in weekends

As a barista you have card access to Analog. You are always welcome use the Analog room outside o...

Where to get help?

Daily Operations

Procedures, semesterly tasks and suppliers relevant for Operations, Storage and Kitchen Managers.

Game area

The game area is in the passage in the middle of the café, and is an offer to all students. Play...