How to clean the espresso machine

Cleaning and shutting down the espresso machine

espresso-redhandle.pngClean the group head

  1. Use the red group head cleaning tool to get rid of coffee grinds
  2. Insert it like a porta filter, and push the start button (*)
  3. Twist the handle until the running water is no longer dirty

    Repeat steps 1 → 2 on the second group head





espresso-rinse.pngClean porta filters

  1. Use Liquid Quartz and blind filters to backflush the group heads
  2. Remove the regular filter baskets in the porta filters and replace with the blind filters (the ones without holes
  3. Pour in a bit of Liquid Quartz in each blind filter and insert them into the machin
  4. Start the cleaning process (by pushing the left top and bottom button on the machine at the same time
  5. Remove and rinse the blind filters with regular water

    Repeat steps 2 → 4, this time without Liquid Quartz

  6. Remove the portafilters and flush the groups once using the single-shot button
  7. Scrub the portafilters without filter baskets, with a sponge and some Liquid Quartz. Do the same with the filter baskets
  8. Fill a grey bucket with a bit of Liquid Quartz and warm water
  9. Insert filter baskets and portafilters into the bucket and let it soak overnight

espresso-rinza.pngClean the steamers

  1. Clean the steamer arms
  2. Fill a large pitcher with cold water up to the bottom of the spout
  3. Put a Rinza tablet into the water and start steaming (like you would steam with milk). When the mixture turns white and foamy, lift the pitcher up and down, to clean the steamer arm.
  4. Empty the pitcher.

    Repeat steps 1 → 3 without Rinza, only water

  5. Screw off the arms and ends - give the threads a quick wipe
  6. Assemble the arms again and give them a final wipe


Finishing touches

  1. Turn off the machine
  2. Press the two most lower buttons to turn off the machine
  3. Take the rubber mats from the top and put them in the dishwasher
  4. Rinse the bottom tray in the sink
  5. Pour water into the funnel under the tray to rinse it through
  6. Give the machine a quick wipe to make it shine!