Opening Analog

Some of our machines can take a while before they are ready to make coffee, so start right away by turning on the machines.

Analog opens at 7:45 AM and it takes a little while to make everything ready, so be there at least 25 minutes before (aka. 7:20 AM).

Often, customers will be waiting to get their coffee before lecture. Make sure you let people know that you just need a few minutes to get everything ready, so you can do it without any pressure. Don’t open before you’re ready. :)

Opening procedure

  1. Wash your hands - keep a good hygiene
  2. Check-in on the iPad and put on your favorite morning tune on the speakers
  3. Turn on espresso- and filter machines
  4. Fill the hot tea water dispenser with water, put it on the counter and turn it on
  5. Start brewing filter coffee, as soon as possible
  6. Rinse porta filters with water
  7. Empty dishwasher
  8. Place cups, thermos, lids, tea, sugar, milk and syrup on the counter