Kitchen course agenda

Open Analog (1 min)

  • Turn on machine
  • Buy milk (show recipe app)
  • Check milk
  • Flush dispensers (grinder?)
  • Empty the dishwasher
  • Place cups, the etc. at the counter 

Make coffee (there might be weeks until they have a barista course)

  • Espresso & Milk
  • Tea 
  • Filter machine (+ thermo sizes and buttons)
  • Cocoa recipe 

Close Analog

  • Last call (10-15 min. before closing)
  • Place closed-sign. Remove things from the counter. 
  • Clean machine (show step by step)
  • Clean tables in the café. 
  • Collect trash
  • Throw out trash
  • Start the dishwasher

Cleaning (and Middle Shift)

  • Cloths –> different purposes, don’t throw them out!!
  • Don’t leave glass and cardboard, throw it out on your shift.

Other / tour

  • Show the different storage rooms
    • Storage 1 Coffee related stuff
    • Storage 2 More cups
    • Storage 3 Cleaning supplies and festive boxes
  • Check in on your shift
  • Show iZettle
  • got milk? 
  • Show orderIT
  • Shift reports!!! 
  • Don’t stress on your shift - take 1 order at a time. No worries
  • Espresso VS Filter beans
  • More cups under the stairs (and storage 2)
  • No Food in the kitchen!
  • No alcohol in Analog (why we close early on Fridays)
  • Special coffee (dirty chai etc.) on tablet
  • Employee coffee on tablet (also if you take black coffee or tea)
  • Music – > go crazy with your music, just not too loud. You decide the music but respect if a customer wants the music to be lowered. The zone system helps greatly with this!
  • Wash your hands…
  • Hand-over a clean kitchen, take out trash after your shift if needed, buy milk etc..

Perks of being a Barista

  • Analog is open for baristas 24/7. Exam period, weekends, evenings. The closing standard is the same
    • If you open the machine, it is your responsibility to close it again
  • Filter coffee is free, everything else is 6 kroner when you are no longer a penguin
  • Merch! Board will contact you for sizes
  • Lots of events with food and snacks