Filter Coffee Machine


  1. Turn on machine by flip the switch on the back of the machine’s left side.
  2. Push both Enable Brew On/Off buttons on the panel.

Wait ~16 mins for the machine to heat up its water tank. Display shows Ready to brew when it has reached its temperature.




Making a brew

  1. Insert funnel with freshly grinded coffee and place a thermo. Make sure it is properly placed and the small top lid is open.
  2. Choose brew batch size:
    Full is for the large thermo - 5,7l
    Half is for the small thermo - 3,8l

  3. Press Brew A button to start brew.
  4. Filter coffee machine will show now brewing and now dripping in the display. Brew is done after the now dripping timer has finished.





Shutting down the machine

  1. Rinse funnels with water and a wet cloth.
  2. Rinse thermos by making an empty brew (no coffee or filter in funnel) and empty the thermo. Alternatively rinse with tap water.
  3. Clean the machine with a wet cloth.
  4. Switch off the machine by flipping the switch.