Coffee Services

Within opening hours

This list defines the services Analog can provide outside of the regular menu. This is targeted at organisations wishing to interact with Analog other than buying one cup of coffee.





Thermo clip card

A clip card for buying small or large thermos full of coffee. 

Sold to vendors wanting to give out free coffee in the atrium etc.

Unused clips can be refunded. Thus, open tabs are not allowed.

There is no discount given compared to buying the coffee at 8 kr per cup.

The price includes milk, cups, and other small accessories.

A large thermo contains 20 cups of coffee.

A small thermo contains 13 cups of coffee

Large 180 kroner * clips

Small 120 kroner * clips

App codes

Analog can generate codes that can be exchanged for espresso-based or filter coffee drink tickets in the app.

Customers can request any amount of tickets.

1 espresso-based or 1 filter coffee.

9 kroner per filter coffee code

17 kroner per espresso-based code

Ana’s Jugs

Analog sells scheduled Ana’s Jugs for organisations. The price includes milk, cups, and other small accessories.

Customers are always welcome to purchase Ana’s Jugs within opening hours.

An Ana’s Jug contains 6 cups of coffee

55 kroner per jug

Outside opening hours

Outside of Analog’s regular opening hours, the options are limited. It depends on whether or not a barista is available to make coffee. 

If there is not a barista present (in your organisations or at your event), Analog is unable to offer its services.

If there is a barista available, Analog can provide the services listed above. At all times, baristas are allowed to open Analog and operate the machines.
There have been cases where a barista was paid to make coffee for an event. Analog does not take a stance on this, as it is indifferent to our ability to provide our services.