The Board maintains a series of emails related to Analog. We get a rather large amount of requests regarding questions, advertisements and events. When someone sends an email to us, it is forwarded to the Board through ITU emails. 

Upon election to the Board, mails sent to Analog will be forwarded to your ITU-email.

The following main mails are in use:

A number of other, less important emails exist. These are mostly automated tasks, bots or for the IO team. Emails are managed through Credentials can be found in Podio.

Replying to emails

Be aware that we never answer directly from Analog's emails. We answer from our own ITU emails. This gives the sender an impression that a real person is at the other end, and you can answer in your mail client of choice.

When a mail is forwarded to you, it is important to answer the sender with the Analog email as CC

An email sent from your own email should look like:


Managing emails

Within the board there is a Slack channel dedicated to managing emails. Everytime we get an email at, a notification is sent in the channel. Then, we can discuss who will answer, and how we will answer the email. Perhaps it is something we need to discuss at a board meeting. This also makes sure no email is answered twice. 


If you would like to use the Analog signature when sending mails, you can ask a current board member to forward it to you (as it was too difficult to present on this page).