Insurance Description: Customers


Insurance types

These come as a combined package:

  • Erhvervsansvarsforsikring (Company liability) 
  • Produktansvar (Product liability)
  • Fareafværgelse (Danger prevention)

Police no. 146175813


General excess; 1.961 kr. (2019)

Product liability insurance excess; 5.229 kr. (2019)


In short, the Erhvervsansvarsforsikring and Produktansvarsforsikring cover damage that Analog (Baristas, Equipment, Coffee, Tea etc.) has caused on a customer or a customer’s item while Analog interacting (udøvelse af virksomheden) with the customer. 

The insurance does not cover damage on Analog’s own items.

Filing an insurance claim

Filing an insurance claim for Analog’s customer-related insurances are done online at

A NemID Medarbejdersignatur (At least the treasurer will have this) is needed in order to file a claim.