This page describes the voting and counting process during point 5, election of the Board. It is the conductor's responsibility to follow perform these tasks

Voting will happen in up to 6 rounds. After each round, votes will be tallied and a winner/winners announced. This way, someone who, for example, unsuccessfully ran for the position of Chairperson can run for Vice-Chairperson.

Before the election:

  1. Voting will take place directly after the dinner break. 
  2. Announce that we are now going to vote. 
  3. Hand out ballot-papers to all volunteers present. Please count how many were give out. 

Then, for every round of voting, starting at Chairperson:

  1. Announce which position we are voting for
  2. Announce those who are running (stated on the slideshow) 
  3. Ask the room whether more people would like to run.
  4. Announce that it is no longer possible to run.
  5. Call each candidate to say a few words about themselves and why they are running
  6. If there are the same number of candidates as positions, the candidate(s) are elected by default. You will announce as such.
  7. Announce that it is now time to vote. They will do so by writing the name(s) of the candidate(s) they prefer on the ballot dedicated to this position(s). 
  8. Collect the ballots in a bucket. Ask whether anyone has not yet handed in their ballot.
  9. Count the votes.

Counting votes

When it's time to count, it is also the conductors responsibility to perform these tasks. The conductor may be joined by counting-helpers. These may be members from Analog. The conductor is the impartial counter who will prevent any hypothetical election fraud.

You will take the bucket with the ballots and bring it to a deserted corner of the café.

It is of utmost importance that we do not disclose how many votes any candidate received.
A candidate who ran can choose to have their own amount of votes be disclosed to them.