Insurance description: Baristas


Insurance types

  • Arbejdsskadeforsikring (Workplace insurance) - Police no. 146175848
  • Kollektiv ulykkesforsikring (Casualty insurance) - Police no. 

The Kollektiv ulykkesforsikring has been signed to ensure that activities outside our normal operating hours (Spring cleaning, Christmas decorating etc.) are also covered.


General excess: 0 kr. (2019)


The insurances cover a personal injury caused by a sudden accident or within 5 days after the incident while the barista was working for Cafe Analog. Indemnity is assessed according to Arbejdsskadesikringsloven but covers e.g. treatment, rehabilitation, indemnity for permanent injuries etc.

Damage on glasses not older than 3 years is also covered according to the Arbejdsskadesikringsloven.

Crisis counselling

As part of the insurance, Analog has access to Crisis counselling (psykologisk krisehjælp). A barista and her/his relatives can get Crisis counselling if the need for counselling is directly related to the personal accident. 

Contact info for Crisis counselling. Workdays 08:00-17:00 - contact Alm. Brand Arbejdsskadeafdeling at 3547 8780. After these hours, contact SOS International at 3848 8998 (Mention customer id and police no.).

Crisis counselling for relatives must be approved by Alm Brand before starting the first session.

Filing an insurance claim

Filing an insurance claim for Analog’s workplace insurance is done online at A NemID Medarbejdersignatur (as a minimum, the Treasurer will have this) is needed in order to file a claim.

An insurance claim on a barista’s glasses is filed online at