What does the Board do?

The Board has the overall responsibility of the organisation. Within the Board falls the responsibility of finances, operations and people management among many other things. The Board does a wide range of tasks, big and small. Usually these are tasks are delegated, like the treasurer who is elected, or the operations manager given to a Board member.

People Management

The Board oversees the well-being of the baristas. For example, they are in charge of taking applications and choosing the penguins each semester. The Board is also in charge of maintaining various management roles, for example Kitchen Managers, or seeing that a shiftplan is made. 


The Board is in charge of how the organisations spends its money. They have to lay out their choices at the General Assembly. Read more about how Analog's finances are managed in the Finances handbook.

Food Administration & Daily operations

The Board is in charge of health and safety regulations being followed. This includes documenting various tasks, and having clear procedures of how we work. Having a well functioning kitchen and storage manager team is paramount. The operations manager oversees the day-to-day management of the café. Upkeep of machines, cleaning procedures, and communication with baristas are the main tasks of this Board member.

General Assembly

It is the Board's responsibility to plan and execute the semesterly General Assembly. This means publishing agendas, bringing eventual bylaw changes, conducting and organising food.

Other tasks

The Board deals with many other tasks related to Analog.