Cognito Forms

Cognito Forms is the tool we use to provide forms for shift reports, received goods, and so on. These will have to be updated according to current operating procedures. This is at least at the beginning of every semester.

Find Cognito Forms at Login is found in Podio.

Currently there are a variety of forms in operation:

  • Shift Reports
    For filling out shift reports. Logic within the form decides which prompts to give.
  • Received GoodsTwo versions: For baristas and for storage manager. Used for tracking whenever we get foodstuffs delivered
  • Kitchen Report
    Used to log changes/errors/maintenance in the kitchen
  • Bug Report
    Report bugs with the app
  • Reimbursement Form
    Getting money back from Analog

When updating a form, it is recommended to clone the previous one, and edit/test the new one. Then, the old one can be archived and the new form implemented.