Board's Handbook


Guides, goals and tasks for board members in Cafe Analog

Introduction to the handbook

Dear Board member or curious barista, This book is an extensive overview of the tasks in Analog ...

How to get elected

You can become a member of the Board by successfully running for election at the General Assembly...

The board

Important communication & IT systems

The pages in this chapter describe in detail the systems the board use. Perhaps you don't have to...

Semesterly tasks

An guide on the tasks the board has to complete throughout the semester

Important contact persons and agreements

General Assembly

All about how to plan a General Assembly


Accepting Penguins


Insurances for Cafe Analog

---> it is worth noting that luckily we have yet to use the insurance, but it is still a good ide...

Internal e-mail accounts

Board analog @ cafeanalog.dkanalogen @ (forwards to analog @ finan...

Email requests: Answer templates