Podio is a tool we use to log things happening in Analog. It is where we, among others, keep the list of all our current volunteers, where shift reports are logged, and where we store all passwords. Podio is mostly used for food and storage administration. 

Find Podio at https://podio.com. When elected to the board, a current board member will grant you access.

Podio has workspaces which consists of apps. On the landing page of each workspace is an activity tab where activity across all apps is shown. There are three workspaces:

  • Analogen Board
    In this workspace you can find a list of current and former volunteers, service agreements, policies, and passwords
  • Analog Food Administration
    This workspace contains everything related to health and safety: Shift reports, temperature readings, and water filters.
  • Analog Operations
    This is used to log how much product we order, and who our suppliers are.

The next headlines will introduce the workspaces in detail. 

Analogen Board

The Analogen Board has the following apps:

  • ApplicantsHere you will find the list of every volunteer Analog has had.
  • Agreements
  • Records
  • Policy
  • Codes
    This app contains all the username and passwords for all of Analogs accounts across services. It is possible to sort by active and deprecated.